Can I use Gust Launch if I am NOT a US citizen but I am based in the United States?

Yes, if the co-founder who will be CEO has a US Social Security Number.

A company can incorporate as a Delaware corporation as long as the person who initially sets it up has a US Social Security Number. So if you have an American citizen as a co-founder, and that person will be CEO, you are good to go.

It is very important to note, however, that you CANNOT then use your own company to sponsor you for an H1-B work visa in the US. So while you may end up owning a US company, you paradoxically may not be able to work for it. If you are based in the US but do not have a co-founder with a US SSN, then it still may be possible to use Gust Launch to set up and manage your company, but you will need to speak directly to one of our Gust Launch support team members. Establishing a US company in such a case is often possible, but will take longer and incur some additional fees.