Who should NOT use Gust Launch?

Gust Launch is great for people starting high-growth startups, who intend to seek investment and issue equity in their company. For entrepreneurs who don’t think they’ll need investors, won’t be issuing equity, and don’t intend to chase growth, there are other options available which are a better fit.

There are also some people who would like to use Gust Launch, but unfortunately can’t: founders outside the United States and founders who have already legally formed their companies (unless they’re willing to start over with incorporation).

Gust Launch is also not available for new ventures that fall into certain industry categories, even if they are planning to be high-growth. These include businesses operating privately-owned ATMs, dealing in precious metals or stones, selling prepaid debit or stored value cards, acting as a professional service provider (lawyer, financial planner, doctor, etc.), acting as a Non-Governmental Organization or a charity, operating a Money Service Business, offering lottery sales to customers, engaging as a virtual currency exchange, engaging in any type of medical marijuana or Internet gambling, operating as a convenience store, restaurant, liquor store, cigarette distributor, parking garage, car/boat/plane dealer, vending machine operator, casino card club, movie theater, pawn broker, hotel, auctioneer. In addition, Gust Launch is not available to startups intending to fundraise with an initial coin offering (ICO).

Still not sure if you’re a good fit? Don’t worry—talk to us and we can help you figure out if Gust Launch is right for your startup.