Who should use Gust Launch?

Gust Launch is designed specifically for for-profit startups that are setting out from the beginning to grow rapidly, raise money, and eventually exit.

An easy test to determine if Gust Launch is right for you is to ask yourself three questions: 

  1. Will I be seeking to raise money from outside investors? 
  2. Do I plan to provide equity or stock options to my employees? 
  3. Is my goal to grow the company rapidly and exit within the next ten years either by a sale to a larger company, or by going public?

If the answer to any of these three questions is “yes”, then Gust Launch is the ideal way for you to found and operate your business.

Launch is also only available to entrepreneurs operating in the United States, who are not set up as an existing legal entity of any kind. We'll soon be making the product available to international founders.